How to change your Facebook page pretty fast and smooth with Facebook Flat

Many people may be tired of the look of Facebook before. On a daily basis, every day is right for me.
And many people are looking for. How to change the look of the page, Facebook is. Today we recommend to change the Facebook pages for smooth, quick with Facebook Flat to leave it.


Facebook Flat to look Extention or extension of Google Chrome ‘s principle is simple to install Extention or extension. That this on Google Chrome we use To see how to install it well.

Go to download the extension (extension) Facebook Flat.
By visiting the Facebook Flat
Install the extension (extension) , click Add to Chrome.


Successfully installed Check out Facebook ‘s view

This was done on a smooth and quick, too. For those who are averse to disable Facebook Flat , it can be disabled at the top left corner. Page’s Facebook post.


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